Into The Goat-o-sphere | Episode 179 | Beer Review

This week we head into the stratos-beer with Phillips Space Goat. This lager is fragrant and amazing and we think it is a winning lager-ale type beer. It is an ale... but lagery. Is that a thing? Perhaps and we shall find out because that is our mission in life.

Dave appeared after popping out of the ground like an exploding pinecone. He avoided his bear followers by burrowing to the show today.

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__The Beer__

Phillips Brewing and Malting Co.
Space Goat Dry Hopped Pale Ale

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The Crafty Boys is a fun project for a bunch of friends to sit around, share a beer, and talk about whatever is going on in the beer industry... and other things. We hope you like what we're doing. If you do, make sure to subscribe for more and tell everyone you know about our program.

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