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The Silence of the Pipers | Episode 12 | Beer Review

We talk about beer... beer from our memories. This episode includes a brief history lesson about how Vancouver Island Breweries Piper's Pale Ale went from a good beer and became a sad beer. Something that we don't often run into. We also find out that our memory is better than reality. Dave was never a member of the Piper's club so... well, he was eaten by a pack of bear club members because their tolerance is much lower than ours. Poor Dave.

Secrets of the Chocolatey Sasquatch | Episode 11 | Beer Review

We talk about beer... a lot.  Our big feets talk about how Sasquatch is awesome and coffee, chocolate, and stouts can never go wrong. It appears that films from the 1980s and 1990s have really done a number on our memory of the backwoods and we try to justify our very existence. But are we telling a tall tale? Dave was certain he had caught a glimpse of the elusive Big Bearfoot. We didn't believe him and neither should you. He is a fibber, that Dave. A fibber, we say!

We Raised The Hops | Episode 10 | Beer Review

This is a very Canadian episode this week as we tackle Russell Brewing's IP'eh but, as can happen, other beers crept in and stole some of the limelight. But that's okay, we talked about them anyway. We decide to run through how hops are used in various beers and then we drink beer. What more could you want from an episode?  Dave was cute and all but his introduction was a little weak so we sent up some flares to attract zombie bears to come and take care of him.

The Hijacking of Your Dick Pics | Episode 9 | Beer Review

We drink a lot of different beers this evening and talk about penis photos. But not just any penis photos, we talk about the hacking of people's phone and how they are vulnerable and don't quite realize that their data is not entirely safe in a world of SMS, MMS, and non-encrypted communications. Yah. Solid episode. Some bears got a bit excited about seeing pictures of Dave's junk so they took the initiative and took a few of him themselves... then ate him.