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Tis The Season To Be Naughty | Episode 125

We launch into this one with eyes closed because it is far too naughty to discuss. But.. we take a crack at it anyway. Driftwood has made a naughty extra special bitter for us this time. Dave was not ready to be naughty to he was spanked by a bear cub.

The Oaked Memories | Episode 124

We delve into the thirty-year-old ice bock by Vancouver Island Brewery. But this time there is a small twist... this one has been soaked in barrels that created fine wines from around the universe. I know, right? Dave tried to soak his head inside one of the barrels and found very quickly that bears will follow him anywhere.

We Have Many Roguish Tendencies | Episode 123

Rogue hit the tongues today with their Chocolate Hazelnut amazingness. We haven't done a Rogue beer in a while and this one is very much a lead up to the holidays. Dave was drowned in a vat of chocolate and covered with nuts. Bears like nuts, if you know what I mean.

We Are Keepin' It Sudsy | Episode 122

We're chatting up the maple flavoured Fernie offering called the Sap Sucker! It is a dark porter with a maple hint... let's see what we think. Dave was very yawny today and it caused a bear avalanche and he we crushed under a tonne of raging fur.

From The True Land of Ice and Snow | Episode 121

We head off to Iceland this time and try out a more recent creation named Brio. It is a pilsner. It was light, fluffy, and not too bad. But it wasn't amazing... Dave found his calling... chasing large white bears across the tundra. We watched him run after them for six days before he disappeared on the horizon.  ♥ Subscribe ♥