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The Thickening of The Hair | Episode 130

We revisit one of our older brewery haunts this week with something that we can't believe we haven't talked about... a beer from Unibroue that we've enjoyed for years and years. Dave grew some hair. On his face. Looks like the bears are closing in. ♥ Subscribe ♥ Reviews Playlist ► __The Beer__ La Fin Du Monde Unibroue __Stalk Us__

It's Midnight Somewhere | Episode 129

We try something so incredibly new that we didn't even know the brewery existed! Midnite Umber Ale holds us in its gaze and we drink it out of fear... Dave also had a bear in his room tonight but it was sleeping. ♥ Subscribe ♥ Reviews Playlist ► __The Beer__ Red Arrow Brewing Co. Midnite Umber Ale __Stalk Us__

This Year, We're Bringing The Funk | Episode 128

It is 2018 and we're reviewing the first beer of the last season of that year that just passed by. But, we got your back. Dark lager is a thing and Lock is in the house to teach us all a thing or two. Dave was available this week after his long hibernation with his bear family. ♥ Subscribe ♥ Reviews Playlist ► __The Beer__ Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. Dr. Funk Dunkel Dark Lager __Stalk Us__