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The Cry of The Working Man | Episode 159 | Beer Review

We hear quite loudly the cry of the working man with Riot Brewing Company's Working Class Hero. It is a dark mild beer and reminded us of how we are all working people who like to have a pint at the end of a long day. You know, loosen up the joints, relax the muscles -- all that kind of stuff. Yah! Dave was early today as he danced with a bear all night long and didn't stop until it was time to record the podcast. Well done, Dave!

The Sweetness of Hops and Leaves | Episode 158 | Beer Review

Red Arrow Brewing takes the stage this week with their Sweet Leaf IPA. It was a hoppy experience that left us wanting more. It was a flavourful because it felt like a flower had exploded in your mouth. You would almost feel like you had to check that a full leafed flower wasn't in your gullet. But we're sure we didn't need to because hops are yummy. Dave was cuddling with a bear this week and realized only after a few hours of cuddles that he was cuddling the WRONG bear. He tries. He really does.

We Must Drink All The Bees | Episode 157 | Beer Review

The Tin Whistle Brewing is making and appearance with their Killer Bee Dark Honey Ale. This porter is dark, wonderful, and tastes a lot like honey. Well, maybe it does. We weren't too sure. But you'll have to watch and see what we thought. Dave was lost in a dust storm in the Northern British Columbia and was rescued by a special group of bears trained for finding him when he wanders off.