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Tis A Dark and Stormy Night | Episode 78 | The Crafty Boys

It was a dark and stormy evening when we reviewed the Whistler Brewing's Dark and Stormy Ale (with ginger!) -- well, actually, it wasn't. We had trouble finding this seasonal beer and it took us a bit of time to all get it. But what did we think of it? Let's find out! ♥ Subscribe ♥ __Episodes__ Previous Episode ► Next Episode ► Next Week! __This Week's Beer__ Whistler Brewing Dark and Stormy Ale Brewed With Ginger __The Topics__ #whistlerbrewing #ginger #beer #craft beer #manstuff #canadianmanstuff #canada #canadian __Stalk Us__

The Wrecked IPA | Episode 77 | The Crafty Boys

And we're back with yet another episode where we talk about beer and all that kind of stuff. We're talking about ship's running aground, terrible storms, and what it would be like to live like pirates. ♥ Subscribe ♥ __Episodes__ Previous Episode ► Next Episode ► __This Week's Beer__ Lighthouse Brewing Co. Shipwreck IPA __The Topics__ #lighthousebrewingco #ipa #shipwreck #beer #craft beer #manstuff #canadianmanstuff #canada #canadian __Stalk Us__