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We Blow Raspberries In Your General Direction | Episode 104

This week we run into a raspberry bush and drink all that there is to be had. It was touch and go there for a while but we managed to enjoy every last drop. Dave was cuddled by a momma bear when he attempted to eat her porridge. They were "that kind" of a bear couple and very open to letting him experiment. They then ate him.

Bowen Island The Lager | Episode 103

Bowen Island Brewing hits us with a summer lager that is quite refreshing and light. But we put it to the test and we made sure that we weren't being duped by some Hollywood elites. You know what I mean.... Dave rocks out on stage but is then scooped up by ninja bears and whisked away by chopper. We never heard from him again.

Space Bandits Steal Our Kolsch | Episode 102

We return to another Bomber Brewing beer... but this time, it is different. It is a Bandit Kolsch beer and we are going to see how it applies to Starfleet. Yeah, we did try. But did we succeed? Dave was abducted by bear worshippers while he was searching for the beer in his local watering hole but they brought him back because... well, just look at him.

We Stout, Therefore We Are | Episode 101

We just had our 100th episode and decided that our follow up should be an exciting adventure of a reunion of sorts. Our first beer was a milk stout and we thought it would be a nice nod to our very first episode. Dave was a little sleepy this time so we set him on fire, cooked him up, and then fed him to a bear named Billy. Billy was pleased.

We Are The Crafty Boys | Episode 100

This is episode 100. Anything can happen... like us drinking a dunkel because we can. Dave married a bear.