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The Peel of The Grapefruit | Episode 156 | Beer Review

We dive into the tart side of the IPA this week with The Real Peel Grapefruit IPA created by the wizards at Fernie Brewing Co. Dave was having a terrible hair day, so, a bear quietly combed it while we filmed the show. Really, the bear is there. You can't see it? Dave can.

Jupiter Is Created From Mangos | Episode 155 | Beer Review

We fly off into the unknown reaches of deep space to try out Howe Sound's Super Jupiter Mango IPA. This one is a tasty adventure beyond the stars. No, really. If you had a space ship that was going to take you to Jupiter, this is the drink you'd want to take with you. We kid you not. But do take us with you. Dave was lost in the asteroid belt on this trip but a space bear was able to chase him back to Mars where we picked him up on the way back. ♥ Subscribe ♥