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Get Ready For War | Episode 164 | Beer Review

We're trying out Warhead Imperial Kettle Sour from Dead Frog Brewing because it has a great label. We love sour beers and this one is fairly new and deserves a look and a taste. We're sure it won't lead to the breakout of war... but if it does, we're sure it will be worth every drop. Dave was lucky enough to find this beer because he was hiding under his bed for a few days as a bear was sleeping in his bed.

The Streets Are Paved With Cobblestone | Episode 163 | Beer Review

This week we start licking the streets for our latest review. Well, not exactly. This beer was created by Mill St. Brewery and we're happy to get a little gritty with their Cobblestone Nitro Stout. We hope the nitro will provide a little mouth explosion because we're weird like that. Dave was able to crack a cobblestone with his teeth and use the pebbles to fight off a horde of zombie bears. How he gets into these messes, we're not entirely sure.

Beware The Spooky Mocha Porter | Episode 162 | Beer Review

This week we're tasting the first mocha porter of the season, the Mocha Porter from Granville Island Brewing. They partnered with JJ Bean to make this darkish coffee like beer and we chatted quite a bit about what a mocha should taste like. You should listen up and maybe you'll realize we just like beer and are total experts in our field. Dave was dubious about this one since he doesn't like to drink coffee in the evening since bears tend to prowl the halls of his home at night. He might be too awake after eating him alive.

We Harvest The Sour | Episode 161 | Beer Review

Our week is dominated by Category 12 Brewing's Harvest Sour beer. This current flavoured beer and created using a brett yeast will make your taste buds cringe at the level of sourness. Well, maybe not since we like sour beers and we will always feature them as we locate the best and brightest breweries brave enough to make them! Dave was terribly ill this week as he was infected by a bear mite called the Bearimicus. A terrible situation as Dave is now bald.

A Spicy Broken Tooth | Episode 160 | Beer Review

We charge ahead into the Hallowe'en spirit with an offering from Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. titled Crookeder Tooth. This is a pumpkin ale that has been aged in oak barrels to make it extra crooked. (Yes, it has a younger brother who is not aged in oak.) We try this one out and it makes us all a little loopy by the end. A fun time was had! Dave grew three inches this week because he has been collecting bear hair and stuffing it into his shoes. Why? Something about the smell preventing him being mauled all the time.