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The Crafty Boys React To Malt Liquor for Riot Brewing | Episode 194 | Beer Review

Riot Brewing is in danger of closing! Do you know what this means? If we can't support local brewmasters and their craft beer -- we're going to be forced into drinking malt liquor! YES! This is a problem! But seriously, we hope Riot Brewing Co. survives! Please support them in any way you can. There is a rumour that something is coming where we regular people can purchase a stake in their brewery. Unsure how true this is but we're hoping to join! #saveriot #lifesariot ♥ Subscribe ♥ __Episodes__ Next Episode ► Next Week! Previous ► Reviews Playlist ► __The Beer__ Riot Brewing Co. Working Class Hero Junk Punch IPA __Stalk Us__ #beer #craftbeer #beerreview __

We're Berry Blue In The Face | Episode 193 | Beer Review

Howe Sound Brewing sends out a blueberry explosion with their You're My Boy Blue Blueberry Wheat Ale. We are going to make this one work for the claim it can make us far cooler than we are right now. Dave was here. Dave was in one piece. Dave is Dave.

It Is Pretty Hazy Out | Episode 192 | Beer Review

We're delving deep into the haze as we find out as much as we can about the Category 12 Juicy Data Hazy IPA. It is a sweet and citrus-y beer that made us happy. Dave was able to find the beer this week only because the bears allowed him through the liquor store doorway. We're not sure why but suspicious of all bear activity near any beer locations.