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The Doughnut & The Savages | Episode 8 | Beer Review

It is big number eight this week and we've chosen a weird beer... one that we can't all get. We bounced around a bit with our beer choices but, hey, it was a unique. We talked a lot about old televisions and how we interacted with televisions over the years. Dave gazed a bit too long into the eyes of a bear television star and was punished by being sucked into the television with said bear and eaten while clapping.

Fruity Pebbles Could Be A Great Beer | Episode 7 | Beer Review

Like the adventurers before us, this is the seventh adventure of the seventh day, of the seventh month... or something equally dramatic. We are going fruit beer this time and we all got raspberry beers. One from Vancouver Island and one from North Yorkshire. Tasty! Dave was tasty to his multi-coloured bear friends.

Ruby Goblins & Mr. Spock | Episode 6 | Beer Review

We experience some technical issues with our sixth adventure into the world of #canadianmanstuff. We talk about beer and technology and the passing of Mr. Spock. We've received some great feedback regarding the show and I am sure we'll take it into account in the near future. Of course, we might not. Dave was turned into a frog by his bear infestation and squashed.