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The Radical Stoutnik | Episode 115

We failed at acquiring the same beer this week and we've ended up with two selections. Lock is also in town but he heads off to the wilds of law school next week so we might not see him for a while. Dave was quiet for the majority of this episode because he was busy texting his new bear date. She stood him up.

The Grim Tale of the Sunken Submarines | Episode 114

This week we talk about all kinds of things related to news of the weird... and something about how to buy real estate from a cool people we know. Dave thought out loud and was forced to dance with a bear. We knew it was only a matter of time until Dave ignited into flames.

The Slow Wit of Change | Episode 113

This week we get all confused because the beer changed its name! We scurried around searching for the Slow Drift Witbier while the Ol' Willy Wit was staring us down from the back of the shelves. Well played, Fernie Brewing Co. Dave is hit on the head by a brown bear and has his beer stolen from him. That is so like Dave. Bearhandled and then losing his beer. Ah, Dave.

A Hoyner Pilsner Mystery | Episode 112

This week, we find ourselves on an adventure... the adventure of why Hoyne Brewing Co. renamed their Pilsner beer! The intrigue! The wonder! Is there a mysterious bunch of kids hanging around with a large dog that could help? Or will our intrepid bunch of beer drinkers be able to solve the mystery? Watch and find out! Dave looks to the North and sees an army of zombie bears... bearing down on him. Will he survive the Bear King's army?

The Fruity Grapeness Monster | Episode 111

For some reason, we decided we were as cool as Cory Hart... which we aren't. We hit up Whistler Brewing's Grapefruit Ale and we liked it. It isn't sweet... it isn't tart... it is just right. Like those bears Dave has to fight off every morning when he goes to his driveway.