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Look Into The IPA of the Space Dragon | Episode 182 | Beer Review

Our beer this week is the Super Galactic Space Dragon which is a double IPA from Odin Brewing Company. We try it... we loved it... but there is a problem with it. We can't get it that easily! But there is hope, we have heard there are secret stashes around B.C. and we will have to check it out again in the future. Dave we sick this week and he was cuddling with his bear family for the warmth... but we suspect he is being cuddled and warmed up for eating.

A Spicy Redrum, Redrum, Redrum | Episode 181 | Beer Review

We get into the deep end with this week's beer... Redrum Spiced Red Ale from Dead Frog Brewing. They made an interesting little beer with all of the hopes and dreams you'd want in a beer that seems evil from the first sip. Dave was terribly sexy this episode and his bear pals refrained from eating him while on camera. We can't say this was the deal after the show ended.

The Aged Does Get Better With Stave | Episode 180 | Beer Review

The melted liquorice finish is the amazing feel of this beer. We tried staving ourselves from the beer but the dark liquid kept us transfixed for quite a while. We are always on the look out for a beer that can make us be quiet and this one came so close. Dave was lost again... no idea where. He was probably in a bear den somewhere getting a few winks before returning to civilization.

Into The Goat-o-sphere | Episode 179 | Beer Review

This week we head into the stratos-beer with Phillips Space Goat. This lager is fragrant and amazing and we think it is a winning lager-ale type beer. It is an ale... but lagery. Is that a thing? Perhaps and we shall find out because that is our mission in life. Dave appeared after popping out of the ground like an exploding pinecone. He avoided his bear followers by burrowing to the show today.