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Where Did Everybody Gose? | Episode 120

What is a Gose? What is the plural of Gose? Did you have a Gose time? What about that Gose? Did that Gose bother you? Did that Gose make your podcast episode absolutely amazing? It did for us! Similar to a lager or pilsner, a Gose is good. Good Gose. Now, sit. Gooooood Gose. You're such a good Gose, aren't you! Dave couldn't figure out what the plural of Gose was and his head exploded. Small miniature bears cleaned up what was left.

We Ain't Crabby About That Ginger | Episode 119

We head back into the ginger beers of the world because Dave really likes them. He liked this one. And so did we... holy cow, this is one of the best ginger beer's we've run into and I suspect we will enjoy it again in the future. Dave poured ginger beer all over himself and a bear cub humped his leg with a ferocity never seen by Dave before.