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No Cut Corners On This IPA | Episode 108

We try out the Sidecut IPA from Bridge Brewing and declare it the best IPA we've ever had. ♥ Subscribe ♥ __Episodes__ Next Episode ► Previous ► __The Beer__ Bridge Brewing Sidecut North East Coast IPA __Stalk Us__

The Hoppy Feeling of the Toad and Steel | Episode 107

Steel Toad Brewing sent us the Kermode West Coast IPA. We drank... and we liked. ♥ Subscribe ♥ __Episodes__ Next Episode ► Previous ► __The Beer__ Steel Toad's Kermode West Coast IPA __Stalk Us__

A New British Invasion | Episode 106

The British invasion has happened again and we were ready to accept it. But the bottles were sooooo weird. Dave was mauled by bear cubs while picking it nose in the back garden. ♥ Subscribe ♥ __Episodes__ Next Episode ► Previous ► __The Beer__ Strathcona Beer Company British IPA __Stalk Us__

You Wanna Get Fresh With Us? | Episode 105

Lock is back from his schoolin' down south and he brought some recommendations with him. We try out the freshest IPA we've ever had (up to this point) and blabber about many other things. Dave was humped by a grizzly bear while he washed his parents' car.