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Blackberry Goodness & Valentine's Blowjob Day | Episode 4 | Beer Review

Our fourth kick at the can is a low energy episode where we talk about deep topics that men are concerned with: 50 Shades of Grey and a bunch of other really... non-manly things. We're real men! Really! We are! We don't need to justify Valentine's Day and Steak and Blowjob Day. Dave asked a bear for a blowjob but... well, the offer was declined.

Dreaming of Dream Cars & Missing Our Beers | Episode 3 | Beer Review

Our third episode begins with a tragic event. We couldn't find the beer we all wanted... it was sad. We just used beers that were laying around the house and talked about those -- because, if you can't say something about the beer you have on hand, you shouldn't have any beer in the house in the first place! When Dave began drinking his soda water, three bears appeared in his room. One was orange, one was purple, and the last bear was a normal black. They gnawed on his ankles. ♥ Subscribe ♥

The Attack of The 50 Foot Banana Breads | Episode 2 | Beer Review

We embark on our second episode with a new friend -- Lock! He is a beer expert with beer drinking experience from three continents. He is a fountain of beer knowledge and shows us quite often how much we need to learn. We secretly think he has injected hops directly into his central nervous system. Dave looked deeply into the eyes of a mysterious black haired beauty of a bear and was whisked away into the treetops.

Indiana Jones & The Temple of Milk Stouts | Episode 1 | Fuggles & Warlock | Beer Review

Here we are, people. This is where it all began. Mark it on your calendars because there is no going back! We've hit the scene and we're going to make our mark. We're not entirely sure what that mark will be but we know it will be awesome. Just remember: The boys have arrived on the scene and we like to talk about craft beer. Our first beer ever is the Fuggles & Warlock Bean Me Up Espresso Milk Stout. We found this beer at the Great Canadian Beerfest in Victoria, British Columbia -- and it was our very first love. Coffee infused into beer and it is nothing short of perfection. Dave learned a very important lesson in this very first episode: bears are attracted to his silky blond hair.