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We Love Heritage Rivers On The Island | Episode 198 | Beer Review

We look towards the mid-upper section of the island and all the way to Duncan, British Columbia. We have chosen to test the waters around the area and raft down the Red Arrow Brewing's Heritage River Hefeweizen. It holds great promise to soak us in maturity and vigour... or something along those lines. Dave was quite tall this episode. He is taking genetic code from Lock and using it for all his nefarious needs. The bears took a backseat as they fear Lock.

Full Belgian Single Speed Ahead | Episode 197 | Beer Review

This week we're heading into the interior of British Columbia to check out Fernie Brewing Company. They increased our beer speeds with the new single-speed Belgian Style Blonde Ale. We sought it out and it made our thirst for riding deep into the mountain valleys grow... and then we drank some and it subsided. Hey, we like beer and biking but not at the same time. Dave had been eaten by bears just before showtime and we had to build a new robot version of him for the show. Pretty neat, huh?

The IPA Milkshake of Berry Hill | Episode 196 | Beer Review

Alan and Shane take on the triple fruity threat of the Russell Brewing Triple Berry Milkshake IPA. It is a tasty and bold beverage but is overpowered by the fruit and the IPA is lost in the mix. A hazy beer with a lot going for it but it really needs more of a hop punch in the face! Wouldn't we all like to be punched in the face with some hops? Dave was somewhere else this week but who knows. Perhaps it was that letter we sent out to his bear friends to let them know where he was. Hmmmm. (Dave was wandering the streets of Portland, Oregon and visited several breweries down in that region of the world. He said it was amazing. But did he bring any back for us? NO. That guy, I tell ya...)

The Oldest Speckled Hen We've Seen | Episode 195 | Beer Review

This week Lock is in town and we're hitting up the Old Speckled Hen by Morland Brewery. This is one of those craft beers bought up in the frenzy of brewery purchases and... well, life is what we drink of it. It is called an ale but it is ruby in colour and quite tasty. It has been around the block for some time and has a proven record. Dave was hiding from some invaders and he managed to give them the slip by throwing real hens at them. ♥ Subscribe ♥