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Wheat Are We Currantly Talking About | Episode 204 | Beer Review

This week, we're experiencing the the Black Currant Wheat Ale brewed lovingly by Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. It is a fruity yet tart beer and it has one of the best illustrations of black currants we've ever seen. Watch us as we drink our way through this dark-ish beer.

Dave showed off his ability to talk about radler beer (and, really, is a radler a beer?) and a bear crept quietly from his armoire and ate him alive.

It's Gonna Get Sour Before It Gets Sweeter | Episode 191 | Beer Review

This excellent lemon-lime sour beer was thunk up by the wizards at Lighthouse Brewing Co. The Lemon Line Sour Ale is low in booze but has a heart that will tear your taste buds out and beat them to sour-y amazement.

Dave was able to avoid bear-related death this week as he used the lemons in the beer to mask his scent with lemon-y goodness. Bears don't like being cleaned with lemons so they missed him entirely.

Double Your Flavour, Double Your Fun | Episode 190 | Beer Review

Our ever watchful and caring eyes reviewed a beer designed and brewed by Old Yale Brewing. It is called Weekend Warrior Double IPA and you can't have any. It is a limited batch and we bought them out across the province. No! NO! Stand back! Get back, I say!

The bears left Dave alone this week since he is not satisfying anything. Well done, Dave.

Acid Hop Fever Dream | Episode 189 | Beer Review

Tonight's adventure takes us over to Hoyne Brewing's Alpha Acid IPA. This hazy IPA has a lot of live up so since Hoyne replaced one of our favourites on the usual line up. We will dive in... take the heat... smell the hops... and see what happens.

Dave wore red today because he thinks he may want to join Starfleet. He really wants to keep out of those random wandering bears that are always seeking his fleshy meat.

The Kettle Sour of Redness | Episode 188 | Beer Review

This week we had a little trouble finding the beer (even when living across the street from the brewery) so we had to settle on Dave giving us the goods. Red Truck Brewing is a player in the market with some decent beers -- but this one... who knows. It wasn't available as much as it should be!

Dave was working hard to hide in the shadows. He has become a bear ninja. Or, wait, is that a thing? Do bears act like ninjas or can you prevent them from attacking you when you're the ninja. Only Dave knows.

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The Spooky Pirated Haze | Episode 187 | Beer Review

The beer this week is Lighthouse Brewing Company's Ghost Ship Hazy IPA. We... liked it... but we didn't love it. It wasn't strong enough for our collective pallets. But the strange thing is, after we drank the beer, we felt like we started seeing things out of the corner of our eyes. It was weird. The visions we hazy and it was like ghosts had decided we needed to be taught a lesson.

Dave was a little under the weather again with a bear sourced disease. They let him suffer quietly this week.