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Wheat Are We Currantly Talking About | Episode 204 | Beer Review

This week, we're experiencing the the Black Currant Wheat Ale brewed lovingly by Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. It is a fruity yet tart beer and it has one of the best illustrations of black currants we've ever seen. Watch us as we drink our way through this dark-ish beer. Dave showed off his ability to talk about radler beer (and, really, is a radler a beer?) and a bear crept quietly from his armoire and ate him alive.

It Was Dark and Raining in The Big Squeezy | Episode 203 | Beer Review

In today's episode, everything is going sideways as we find ourselves wandering the dark streets of The Big Squeezy by Torchlight Brewing. It promises to be the best pale ale beer ever and will give us the fruit experience of a lifetime. Dave liked this one. He really did. A bear walked into the room, witnessed his love for the beer... and then the bear walked backwards out of the door. A look of shock on the bear's face could not be overstated.

The Jimbo Beaming Bud of Coppery Joy | Episode 202 | Beer Review

We surprised ourselves this week with the Budweiser Copper Lager. Yes. We are featuring Budweiser on the show. Don't hate on us for this because we're very sure this beer will taste okay. It might even be good! They even had Charlize Theron in their Copper Lager commercial! Trust us! Would we ever steer your wrong? Dave took out a library book on bears this week as he was sure the space-time continuum was broken since we are hosting "a bud" on the show. The bears noticed his reading of such a book and remained quietly under his bed.

The Eight Headed Octosour | Episode 201 | Beer Review

On this week's show we're getting all sour about beer... Apricotopus Apricot Sour that is. Parallel 49 Brewing Co. has created a sour that is inspired by the octopus. We're not sure why either but this beer promises to make our lips pucker just like an octopus bum. (Do they have bums?) We're going to dive in and swim around in the apricot juice and see what happens. Dave was puckered so much during this episode that several nearby bears could hear his cries of sourness and they bust in through his windows and cuddled him out of pity.