It Was Dark and Raining in The Big Squeezy | Episode 203 | Beer Review

In today's episode, everything is going sideways as we find ourselves wandering the dark streets of The Big Squeezy by Torchlight Brewing. It promises to be the best pale ale beer ever and will give us the fruit experience of a lifetime.

Dave liked this one. He really did. A bear walked into the room, witnessed his love for the beer... and then the bear walked backwards out of the door. A look of shock on the bear's face could not be overstated.

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The Big Squeezy Stone Fruit Pale Ale
Torchlight Brewing Co.

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The Crafty Boys is a fun project for a bunch of friends to sit around, share a beer, and talk about whatever is going on in the beer industry... and other things. We hope you like what we're doing. If you do, make sure to subscribe for more and tell everyone you know about our program.

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