The Galactic Dragon Returns | Episode 183 | Beer Review

This week, we fight the good fight against the space-faring Odin Brewing Company dragon and... we were defeated by the hazy glow of its eyes. The Galactic Space Dragon was able to claw us with good taste and our wounds festered mildly but the dragon took pity on us and bathes us in a healing light of bubbles. Does it make sense? NO! Just drink this amazing beer!

Dave was sick today and so was Alan. The bears took a day off.

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__The Beer__

Galactic Space Dragon IPA
Odin Brewing Coompany

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The Crafty Boys is a fun project for a bunch of friends to sit around, share a beer, and talk about whatever is going on in the beer industry... and other things. We hope you like what we're doing. If you do, make sure to subscribe for more and tell everyone you know about our program.

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