The Crafty Boys / Episode 17 / The Subtle Smurfiness of The Coconut Bird

We are braving the Swans Coconut Porter -- we expected to taste some sweetness with this beer (after all, it says coconut on the flavour). This is a pick from Dave and he is a huge fan of this beer. It has a bold flavour. There may not be a lot of coconut but it is still very yummy. We give it four Smurfs and a snjord.

The Beer This Week

We all decided we liked this beer because it is very subtle in taste. It makes us all want to talk about expensive sandwiches and start up our own brewing business -- but only if there is a huge margin in sandwiches. Especially if  those sandwiches are more than $200 a sitting. We would also use gold leaf and diamonds. We tackle this expensive sandwich debacle head on.

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