The IPA Milkshake of Berry Hill | Episode 196 | Beer Review

Alan and Shane take on the triple fruity threat of the Russell Brewing Triple Berry Milkshake IPA. It is a tasty and bold beverage but is overpowered by the fruit and the IPA is lost in the mix. A hazy beer with a lot going for it but it really needs more of a hop punch in the face! Wouldn't we all like to be punched in the face with some hops?

Dave was somewhere else this week but who knows. Perhaps it was that letter we sent out to his bear friends to let them know where he was. Hmmmm. (Dave was wandering the streets of Portland, Oregon and visited several breweries down in that region of the world. He said it was amazing. But did he bring any back for us? NO. That guy, I tell ya...)

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Russell Brewing Co.
Triple Berry Milkshake IPA

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