It Is Pretty Hazy Out | Episode 192 | Beer Review

We're delving deep into the haze as we find out as much as we can about the Category 12 Juicy Data Hazy IPA. It is a sweet and citrus-y beer that made us happy.

Dave was able to find the beer this week only because the bears allowed him through the liquor store doorway. We're not sure why but suspicious of all bear activity near any beer locations.

NOTE: We are having to use a new streaming service as YouTube is retiring what we have been using since the beginning of the podcast. This episode has some pretty bad audio and we're not entirely sure why. Hopefully, this can be fixed in the future.

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__The Beer__

Category 12 Brewing
Juicy Data Hazy IPA

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The Crafty Boys is a fun project for a bunch of friends to sit around, share a beer, and talk about whatever is going on in the beer industry... and other things. We hope you like what we're doing. If you do, make sure to subscribe for more and tell everyone you know about our program.

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