Wheat Are We Currantly Talking About | Episode 204 | Beer Review

This week, we're experiencing the the Black Currant Wheat Ale brewed lovingly by Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. It is a fruity yet tart beer and it has one of the best illustrations of black currants we've ever seen. Watch us as we drink our way through this dark-ish beer.

Dave showed off his ability to talk about radler beer (and, really, is a radler a beer?) and a bear crept quietly from his armoire and ate him alive.

We Are Members of the Nightwatch | Episode 127

For our final episode of the year, we talk about Star Wars (no spoilers!) and reflect a little bit on how the holidays are awesome and what we all got for Christmas.

Dave was given a Christmas Gift of not being eaten by a large group of sleepy bears.

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