Wheat Are We Currantly Talking About | Episode 204 | Beer Review

This week, we're experiencing the the Black Currant Wheat Ale brewed lovingly by Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. It is a fruity yet tart beer and it has one of the best illustrations of black currants we've ever seen. Watch us as we drink our way through this dark-ish beer. Dave showed off his ability to talk about radler beer (and, really, is a radler a beer?) and a bear crept quietly from his armoire and ate him alive.

The Snickering Pooper | Episode 117

It is another day and we're trying out the Red Racer Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Ale! A ginger laced yummy beer where we discuss the most important story of the day... the mad pooper.

Dave was almost awake today but we can't blame him after that driving test he had to facilitate with a bear.

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Central City Brewing / Red Racer
Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Ale

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