Wheat Are We Currantly Talking About | Episode 204 | Beer Review

This week, we're experiencing the the Black Currant Wheat Ale brewed lovingly by Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. It is a fruity yet tart beer and it has one of the best illustrations of black currants we've ever seen. Watch us as we drink our way through this dark-ish beer.

Dave showed off his ability to talk about radler beer (and, really, is a radler a beer?) and a bear crept quietly from his armoire and ate him alive.

The Crafty Boys / Episode 18 / The Hollow and the Redness

We are kicking back with Big Rock Brewery's Hollow Tree Red Ale. It turns out, this is not your regular Big Rock. It was brewed in Vancouver, BC, using BC ingredients. It is quite the shift in the Big Rock arsenal. We dive in and soak ourselves in the Pacific Northwest waters and enjoy the heck out of this one.

This beer influenced us to talk about new movies from old properties. We are nervous but hopeful that these films and stories we grew up with don't get killed by money grabs. There is also some discussion about how fans are now in control (somewhat) and how they can influence the properties that do get made.

The Beer This Week

We enjoyed the hell out of this beer. It really became an episode love fest for Big Rock.
  • Big Rock Pacific Northwest Hollow Tree
  • http://bigrockurban.com/beer/hollow-tree-pacific-northwest-red-ale

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