The Hijacking of Your Dick Pics | Episode 9 | Beer Review

We drink a lot of different beers this evening and talk about penis photos. But not just any penis photos, we talk about the hacking of people's phone and how they are vulnerable and don't quite realize that their data is not entirely safe in a world of SMS, MMS, and non-encrypted communications. Yah. Solid episode.

Some bears got a bit excited about seeing pictures of Dave's junk so they took the initiative and took a few of him themselves... then ate him.
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__This Week's Beer__

Lighthouse Brewing
Tasmen Pale Ale
Jackline Rhubarb Grisette

4 Mile Brewing
India Pale Ale
English Strong Ale

Spinnakers Brewing
Belgian Ale

Longwood Brewery
Stoutnik Russian Imperial Stout

Rogue Ales & Spirts
Morimoto Soba Ale

Tofino Brewing
Kelp Stout

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